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Just a quick concert recap, both for anyone who might be interested and considering seeing these groups, and also, to go OMG YAY!  I had the best time in Nashville, even with the slight confusion over where the hotel was (I don't go to Nashville very often, sadly.)  And the entire last 48 hours - whoa.  I was up way late on Thursday, then way early on Friday to head to Murfreesboro to shop, then to Nashville.  The concert let out around 11:00, and after we wandered around downtown for awhile, my mom and I ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe (onion rings and chicken tenders!) and then we got back to the hotel and actually in bed (for me at least) at around 1am.  Then I had to be up at 4:45am to get up, get on the road, and back home to work a 12 hour day in the concession stand for the LAST day of their youth football league's games.  OY. 

So needless to say, last night, I was a tired girl.  But it was SO SO SO worth it.

Eden's Edge played first, and their lead singer was WAY too chatty with the audience.  I only knew one or two of their songs, and they've got a good sound, but nothing too special - they're just super radio friendly.  The more the lead singer talked, the more annoying her screechy voice got.  *shudders*

Then it was the Eli Young band!  My reaction: "FUCK YES!"  I was up on my feet as soon as they hit the stage!  They played "Always the Love Songs," "Small Town Kid," "Say Goodnight" (wherein I went all melty), "Crazy Girl," and "Even If It Breaks Your Heart."  Let me tell you, there's NO studio magic happenin for these guys.  They sound AMAZING live.  "Even If it Break Your Heart" made me tear up in a good, inspiring way.  I wish they'd played for hours!  They were really engaging and gracious, talked a bit about how much their lives had changed with "Crazy Girl," which really got them - finally - the recognition they deserve.  I wish more than anything they had played "Guinivere" from their Jet Black and Jealous album, but ah well.  It's just AMAZING seeing these guys, who I've loved for years now, finally getting successful!

After that, it was time for Little Big Town to hit the stage.  I haven't liked as much of their recent music for some reason, but they played several favorites, and several off "Tornado," their new album, which was awesome - because now I may actually end up buying it.  So thanks for the sampler!  haha.  They played "Pontoon," "On Your Side of the Bed," "Tornado," "Bones," "Bring It On Home To Me" (!!!!!!! shout out to the second album!), and "Boondocks."  I was on my feet singing and dancing during "Boondocks!"

Then the LONGEST WAIT EVER while the producers of "Nashville" came out and took some shots of the audience to use on the show...then...finally.... RASCAL FLATTS!

Oh man, what to say about my boys?!  They were so happy to be back in Nashville - home for them.  They hadn't played a Nashville show in a few years, so they did something awesome: they let us shout out songs we wanted to hear, then they picked about four and played them.  I got to hear: "Take Me There," "Mayberry," "Why Wait," and one more I'm forgetting.  Then Jay played "Lean On Me," and showed off his piano talents, and Joe Down made a guitar do things I didn't know a guitar could do!

But to back up, they came out to the first chorus of "Changed," then did the requests, then played "Hot In Here," (and by this point I was dancing for all I was worth and singing at the top of my lungs.  HEE.  After that, they talked about how happy they were to be back in Nashville, then they boys all joked around with each other for awhile, had each section ("their" sections) of the audience cheer the loudest - I was in Gary's section!!!!  Then they played "Open Arms" by Journey and God bless his heart, Gary was living that one up, you could tell. 

After that, they played "Fast Cars and Freedom," in which I teared up (makes me think of good memories," and "Bless the Broken Road," where I outright cried thinking of just a LOT of things, including how happy I am to be where I'm at now.  Gary talked a little after that song about what it meant to them, and how if you ARE on a "broken road," there's always the option of turning to God for help.  I'm not overly religious, but I DO believe, so of course when he was doing that, and he was doing a mixture of talking and singing, it was a bit emotional, but kinda cool, too!

They sang "Come Wake Me Up," and I HAD to call and leave [ profile] twirly a message.  I bawled my way through that song, because damn, it's SO beautiful and makes me think of a fic Kay and I are writing. 

Then Gary came out just with a guitar and started playing "Stand," which made me cry AGAIN.  It's SUCH an incredibly inspiring song for me, and it makes me think of two of my close friends and some memories we made in 2006. 

The guys traded off during songs, which I loved.  Suddenly songs that normally Gary is the only one who sings in them, Jay and JD got to sing too!  Which is like: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  I just, I fell for them all over again.  They may be who they say they are, and they may not be, but what they definitely are is MY favorite musicians, hands down, FOR EVER AND EVER. 

They did "Banjo," from the new album, so I squee'ed of course, because THAT song makes me think of being in Florida in April, heading to the beach, because we heard it a lot there.

They did "Here's to You," almost last, which was awesome, since that's there song for their fans.  I've loved that one ever since I first heard it!  Then they sang "Me and My Gang," which was a good song to dance to, as was "Summer Nights," even though it isn't summer anymore.  heehee.

Another song I teared up during is "My Wish."  That one is just SO SO SO beautiful.  It made me think of loved ones and friends, and what I want out of life for them.  And it made me think of a few people who aren't in my life anymore, but whom I still wish well.  And it made me think of a certain someone, too! 

"These Days," made me all nostalgic when they sang it, and I'm SO SO glad I got to hear it live again.  I remember taping - with a cassette tape - that one off the radio in...2003 I think it was, when it was their single off the Melt album. 

Then they closed with "What Hurts the Most," which of course made me cry, but it was so beautiful, probably the BEST song they did all night.  I just, I adore that song so much.  It made me remember where I've been, so it was bittersweet, but it also made me realize that that won't ever be me again - in a relationship that ends without me telling the other person how I feel.  It's a sad song, but it puts things in perspective, and the boys did it justice.

Then they had everyone out for an encore and played "American Band," which was pretty kickass. 

So overall a GREAT GREAT night.  I could have sat there all night listening to them joking around with each other and singing, but the show had to end.  I had a lot of fun.  I sang and danced, and screamed and went a little hoarse.  I can't wait to do it all over again, and I really hope they come back to Nashville next year (and that I have a better camera by then!)

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This is me right now: "CCOME WAKKKKKE ME UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP", just saying.

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I mean, I was a GONER as soon as Jay hit the opening notes on the piano.


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