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the girl

I'm an avid reader, and writer in the making who adores connecting with fellow book lovers, geeks, and anyone who can make an impact in my life, and who I can make an impact on. I'm a Southern girl who loves crushing on fictional characters. I adore: hot tea, scarves, flip-flops, the color pink, swimming, beaches, and bonfires. I'm an unapologetic fangirl who can often be found with a book in my hand, or squee'ing over my favorite bands (Rascal Flatts, The Civil Wars, Chris Young, The Fray), or television shows (Supernatural & Doctor Who.) My platonic TV soul mates are Sheldon Cooper, & Rory Gilmore, and my fictional platonic soul mate is Anna from Anna and the French Kiss. My best blogger friend/brain twin is Marie. Kay has my heart. I love love love making: new friends, playlists, and good memories. I'm friendly and outgoing, and I'm so glad you're here!

the music
Rascal Flatts. Sugarland. Lifehouse. The Eli Young Band.  Chris Young. Ray LaMontagne. Missy Higgins. Lady Antebellum. Snow Patrol. David Cook. Muse.  Mindy Smith.  The Fray. Miranda Lambert. Sara Bareilles.  Elliot Yamin. Nickel Creek.  The Script. Florence and the Machine.  Adele.  Phillip Phillips.  Foreigner.  The Lumineers.  Elton John.  Taylor Swift. City & Colour. The Civil Wars. Hunter Hayes. Luke Bryan. Jason Aldean. Florida Georgia Line. Thompson Square.

the shows
Lost. Supernatural. Fringe. Merlin. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Castle. Doctor Who. Gilmore Girls.  Once Upon a Time. Arrow. Firefly. The Big Bang Theory.

the authors
Anne Bishop. Jennifer Fallon. Jodi Picoult. V.C. Andrews. Terry Goodkind.  Charlaine Harris.  Stephen King.  Patrick Rothfuss.  Richelle Mead.  Diana Gabaldon.  Gena Showalter. Myra McEntire.  Saundra Mitchell.  Andrea Cremer.  Veronica Rossi.  Tahereh Mafi. Tiffany Schmidt. Tamara Ireland Stone. Victoria Schwab. Kasie West. Julie Cross. Sarah Dessen. Sarah Ockler.

the ships
Desmond/Penelope.  Charming/Snow. Graham/Emma.  Leonard/Penny.  Lucas/Peyton.  Denny/Izzie.  Peter/Olivia.  Angel/Buffy.  Jess/Rory. Ten/Rose.   Rory/Amy. Lois/Clark.  Booth/Brennan.  Hodgins/Angela.   Charlie/Claire.    Jamie/Claire.  Hatter/Alice.  Hook/Emma.  Rumple/Belle.
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