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Originally posted on Facebook.  I was going to do a survey type thing/meme, but then I realized...this sums up my year.  :)

I remember the last time I wrote one of these notes, and the place I was in.  This year I've been in a state that was a hundred times worse,and then I dropped all that negativity, and brought back my positive attitude, my hope, and just generally being confident in myself.  Iwanted to share a few things I learned in 2012, and talk about where I'm at, for 2012.

I learned that it's okay to cry, but as I promised myself in 2011...I only cried when I needed to.  Things that would have broken me before didn't hit me so hard this year.  I saved my tears for when they really mattered.

I learned that it's okay to be sad, to give yourself permission to "not be okay" in the hopes that if one day is bad, the next day will be better.

I learned that things change, sometimes slowly, sometimes in the blink of an eye, or the beat of a heart, and that you have to change
with them

I learned that it's okay to be brave, and that sometimes couragepushes fear out of the way and whispers, "I'm going to do this," - whether it's new responsibilities at work, admitting to a life-changing mistake, saying the words that will forever change the way people lookat you, or taking the first step to open your heart to someone

I learned that it's okay to miss people - friendships, lost loves ones.  And I learned that sometimes those people come back - and
sometimes they don't.  I learned that it's okay to wish that things could be like they once were - but that you don't always get what you
wish and that more often than not, you have to be ready to greet the next chapter of your life - new friends, a new job, etc - with eyes wide open.

I learned that if someone is supposed to be in your life, they will be.  And I learned that of all the things I can and should do, chasing after someone to keep them in my life doesn't work.  Friends move on.

People let go.  And if you're lucky, someone new will be there to take your hand. For the friendships that waned (Julie), others were there to fill in those spaces (Dawn, Holly)

I learned that my heart is stronger for the cracks.

I learned that the more often you smile, the lighter you feel.  I learned that laughter really IS healing

I learned to forgive.

I learned that the best friends are the ones who - despite how often or how little you talk - when you DO see them, it's just like it'salways been

I learned that love is sometimes waiting, just when and where you least expected it.  To [ profile] twirly: here's to OUR 2013.  May we laugh, love, grow closer, and just generally treat one another with amazing kindness and patience as our love grows. 

I learned that with the help of amazing friends, I can "be better."  [ profile] _touched taught me that.

Here's to an amazing 2013 full of laughter and love, and being the best "me," I can possibly be.

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