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I wanted to talk a bit about two things: what I've been eating, and what I HAVEN'T been eating.  I'm due a grocery store run to stock up today (I hope), and I want to branch out and try a few new things.  I also don't want to get burned out by eating the same things over and over again (although there is a lunch meal I've sorta fallen for recently.)


That is: squash, mushrooms, bell peppers, and onions.  The cool thing?  Everything but the onions came from our garden, so I know what went into growing them, what was put on them, etc.  I am trying to buy more fresh stuff, and I know sometimes that still isn't the *best*, but damn, organic stuff is EXPENSIVE.

Last night was my first big challenge.  The family wanted pizza, and even though the *idea* of it sounded nice, the thought of actually eating it?  No.  I thought of all that grease and dough and how BAD I'd feel - physically and mentally - and was able to say no pretty easily.  I decided to follow my impulse to eat healthy and I made:


Green beans (canned, yuck, but I didn't have any fresh ones), sweet potatoes with sea salt and cracked black peppercorns (SO GOOD I wasn't sure how these were going to turn out), and grilled chicken with Mrs Dash (salt free) Lemon Pepper and a little bit of mozzarella cheese sprinkled on top.  And it was good.  Really good.

Then later, because I was a LITTLE hungry and wanted a nice snack, some grapes!


So that's a typical day for me.  I'm trying really hard to only eat meat in one meal (usually dinner.)  I've had a few heavier dinners than I wanted, but it's mostly lean meat and lots of veggies.  The other day I didn't eat meat at all.  I want to start doing that maybe once a week.

Mostly as long as I snack on fruit/etc throughout the day, I'm doing pretty well.  I have the bad habit of getting involved in something and forgetting to eat, so I'm working on that.  I'm about to go make a smoothie, or try, since I don't have a lot to go IN it.

Now my next big challenge is exercising: I need to start doing more of it.  I'm DYING to get back in the gym for Zumba, the elliptical, WEIGHTS.  I MISS lifting weights, and the progress I was making.  So that's my next goal.

Later, lovelies! 

Great job!

Date: 2013-07-25 03:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mickey@imabookshark (from
Hey girl. Just wanted to drop by and read your blog. This is a great post! I think you're making some really great choices, even though they can be difficult at times. The whole pizza thing is one I can totally relate to! But my husband has figured out how to make a very good gluten-free, minimal ingredient dough, so I'll have to share that on the blog sometime. And I think the no meat once a week thing is a wonderful idea. Meatless Mondays! ;o) So happy you're on a healthy journey. It's the best thing we can do for ourselves!!

Oh, last thing. The weight lifting thing - so great that you love it! I wish I liked it more. I've been doing this circuit exercise that is kind of hard but so good. I need more upper body work, so I'm happy to do it. YAY!

Re: Great job!

Date: 2013-07-25 03:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hiiiii. I've started following some healthy eating accounts on Instagram and Tumblr, and one of them posted an interesting looking pizza recipe that I've been wanting to try. (It's hard in this town to really BE healthy since it's all fried and fast food junk BUT we do have a health store I've been meaning to go by!) I really want to prepare for a meatless day and sorta lay out snacks and such and plan a meatless dinner in advance - I think it's good for our bodies. And yeah, I just... I want to be BETTER AS myself and TO myself.

Thanks for the encouragement! I'm no powerhouse at weights yet but I was benching about 80 pounds and getting stronger on other things too, so I want to get back to that. :D I know a lot of people probably don't like weights, but I think they're just as essential to getting healthier as better eating and cardio. You can do it! Maybe make a work-out mix or something to help get you into it!


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