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{ ++ } I'm packing now, and I'm afraid I have too many clothes.  LOL.  This time tomorrow I will have sat on the beach, seen the ocean, hopefully swam in the ocean, and had a blast.  It's starting to feel real.  I'm going to change into comfortable clothes for the car ride, charge my iPod, and see about getting something to eat so that I don't get hungry at 2am.  HEE.  It's hard to believe that soon, I'll be in Florida.  I'm looking forward to having a LOT of fun, and hopefully, taking a lot of pictures.  I wanted a new digital camera, but I didn't have the money, since I bought a few new shirts, new bathing suit, and a couple pairs of shorts.  Yes, I'm going to show Florida my marshmallow white legs.  ;)

{ ++ } This year is turning out to be what I want it to be: good.  I'm determined to make it a great one, from trips, to time with friends here, to writing original characters (YAY!) with [ profile] twirly, to maybe writing for myself.  I'm taking on more challenges at work, and trying like hell to get ahold of my personal life and get a lot of things back on track.  And just basically, bring it on, 2012!  I've suffered some lows this year, and I'm taking them in stride as much as I can, and looking forward to the highs.  (No jokes, [ profile] locriation!)  :D

{ ++ } See y'all when I see ya!

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Name change.  : )

{ ++ } In the winter of 2007 I heard a song by Sara Bareilles called "Gravity," on her MySpace page.  That song convinced me to download her entire Little Voice album, and that album accompanied me on long walks, saw me through a lot of tear-filled nights, inspired a lot of stories that are still somewhere on my phone or my computer half-finished, and in particular "Gravity" saw me through a relationship, filled with both good and bad memories, and two years that saw me grow more than I'd imagined I could.  To this day the song reminds me of my OTP (above all others) Angel/Buffy, and is the only song I've ever found that, to me, completely describes the excitement and terror of falling in love.  The song reminds me of how far I have come, and that when I find love again, I'm going to run toward it, but with a tinge of caution, but excited to see what the future holds.  It reminds me that my past is important, but does not define my life.

It gives me hope.  Hope for the future, for myself, for always changing. 

{ ++ } It took me a LONG time to decide on this name.  I went through many other possibilities, and finally settled on this one.  Rather than carrying painful memories, it feels like a fresh start.  It's who I am: wistful, hopeful, romantic, an eternal optimist, and a little scared, but willing to go forward.  : ) 
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{ ++ } Guys this is happening today.  I've been thinking and thinking for a LONG time now on changing my name... NOT moving to a new journal, just a new name, a different, kinda clean slate thing.  I've finally found the name I want and if all goes well, it will be changing today.  I know this is short notice..,please please don't delete me!

{ ++ } unsungelegance --- > yourgravity

{ ++ } Thanks, guys!  : )
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So I do a lot of friending memes and I always take time to type out my pairings and favorite characters, and well, honestly that's just time consuming.  I've seen a lot of people with an entry to link to, with an organized list of favorite shows and pairings and whatnot, and even though I mention things like that in my intro post, I don't have a post devoted to film/tv/books and pairings and whatnot.  And really, I should.  I may take some of that jazz out of my intro post, move it here, and let my intro post be more about me, and this one be my place to gush about pairings and whatnot.  Plus, this'll be a good way to see things I have in common with my friends list, and a reference point for in the future.  So let's get down to it, shall we?  .

If you just realize what I just realized, then we'd be perfect for each other and we'll never find another, just realize what I just realized, we'd never have to wonder if we missed out on each other. )


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