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I might be just a sinner, who wants to be a saint. One justifies the reason; one understands the pain. )
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{ ++ } I'm packing now, and I'm afraid I have too many clothes.  LOL.  This time tomorrow I will have sat on the beach, seen the ocean, hopefully swam in the ocean, and had a blast.  It's starting to feel real.  I'm going to change into comfortable clothes for the car ride, charge my iPod, and see about getting something to eat so that I don't get hungry at 2am.  HEE.  It's hard to believe that soon, I'll be in Florida.  I'm looking forward to having a LOT of fun, and hopefully, taking a lot of pictures.  I wanted a new digital camera, but I didn't have the money, since I bought a few new shirts, new bathing suit, and a couple pairs of shorts.  Yes, I'm going to show Florida my marshmallow white legs.  ;)

{ ++ } This year is turning out to be what I want it to be: good.  I'm determined to make it a great one, from trips, to time with friends here, to writing original characters (YAY!) with [ profile] twirly, to maybe writing for myself.  I'm taking on more challenges at work, and trying like hell to get ahold of my personal life and get a lot of things back on track.  And just basically, bring it on, 2012!  I've suffered some lows this year, and I'm taking them in stride as much as I can, and looking forward to the highs.  (No jokes, [ profile] locriation!)  :D

{ ++ } See y'all when I see ya!


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