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I love you more than I knew I could ever love someone.
And God it runs so deep
I can barely even breathe.
Let me be your shelter from the storm.

This time last week, I was running around frantically, getting ready for my trip to California.  Now after a long flight in the early hours of the morning, I'm home, but the strange/wonderful thing is, I feel like "home" is now in California.

Home is holding her hand tightly.

Home is a sweet longing that led to tentative snuggles and glances, shy, cute moments, and the most perfect first kiss.

Home is our playlist on in the background and long talks about us - sharing stories and memories, and making new ones.

Home is falling so slowly, minute-by-minute, then all at once.

Home is meeting her friends and feeling comfortable with them right away.

Home is late nights spent with one another in the sweetest way.

Home is waiting for me and I can't wait to go back. 

I had an amazing trip.  I was only nervous about getting to my connecting flight on time, since my flight out of Nashville was delayed.  But it was all worth it - the crappy airplane food, security, being nervous, walking down that escalator and into Kay's arms.  I am so so happy I went, and that we got to spend so much precious time together.  I can't stop thinking about how adorable she is (even though she'll read this and make that cute expression like "what?" but it's true, you are.)

Things were really shy at first, and I think we were both trying to see where we stood.  After so long of hoping, meeting in person was really amazing.  For the first time we could TALK in person.  Look into each other's eyes.  I could see where she lived, and meet her family and her friends.  I got to explore California with her (we went to the coast, to an aquarium, and to a jelly belly factory, along with dinner with friends, shopping, and such.)  I got to see somewhere new and wide open, and full of possibility.

By the third day together, we were so much more comfortable, and affectionate, and I love that.  We aren't that couple you see making out in public, but just little glances, snuggling, or hand-holding, or I'd put a hand on her back.  It all just.... SIGH.  It all fell so sweetly and perfectly into place.  The sparks I'd hoped for were there in full force, but it's so much more than that.  (I am very very glad they ARE there though!  It wasn't forced - just something we felt, and it happened very organically and beautifully.)

It's laying in bed talking about the future, and sharing parts of ourselves from our past and present. It's feeling so comfortable around her.  It's being "good nervous."  It's seeing the smiles on our friend's faces when they see how happy we are.  It's being told I look "radiant" by friends who can see what love looks like on me.  It's hope for a future that I know we both want.  It's knowing this is more right than it ever was with anyone else.

This is our beginning, and it was perfect.

I love you, [ profile] twirly
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Just got in from an early 4th-of-July BBQ/hootnanny with the friends.  I feel so happy to have them in my life.  Tonight was a few people I'm used to and a few new people, and all around was a ton of fun.  We hung out from 4 until about 1am just laughing and talking and catch up, playing a (really horrible) game of volleyball and other stuff, eating great food, and having fun.  I feel so blessed in that aspect of my life! 

I made a HUGE choice tonight.  I signed up for Take Shape For Life and I'm over the moon about it.  It's a big lifestyle change, cutting out things like sweets, soda, and fast food (except for on an every once in awhile basis.)  For so long I resisted, thinking it was a crash diet, or a way of "cheating."  But now I can see that it will - hopefully - teach me how to make healthier eating choices, and do it in a way so that I hold myself accountable, but I also have a "coach," who's a good friend of mine who will help keep me motivated.  It must work, because her results have been amazing in about two years, and I've seen that happen, plus heard success stories, and had their program vouched for by a nutritionist friend of mine.

I've been wanting to lose weight for a LONG time.  That's no secret.  I need willpower and I need help.  I haven't been able to do it on my own, or by joining a gym.  I always give in and give up.  I always say that this time is different, then it isn't.  But I'm starting to get really scared for my future if I don't lose, and worse, if I keep gaining.  I'm hoping that by doing this - by investing the money in their food, their plan, and by basically giving myself no other option, that I'll stick to my guns and succeed.  I look in the mirror and I see that I'm disappearing into my weight, and that terrifies me.  I have to try to change that.

Otherwise, it's SO HOT here.  It hit 100+ again today.  They're talking about not shooting off fireworks for the 4th in town this year, which they ALWAYS do.  I'm worried about the garden and the pool.  I hope it rains soon.  *does a rain dance*  I want to be outside swimming and being active, but this heat is just stealing everyone's energy. 

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{ ++ } Guys this is happening today.  I've been thinking and thinking for a LONG time now on changing my name... NOT moving to a new journal, just a new name, a different, kinda clean slate thing.  I've finally found the name I want and if all goes well, it will be changing today.  I know this is short notice..,please please don't delete me!

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{ ++ } Thanks, guys!  : )


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