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I keep thinking I'll do an update here. I thought I *had.* Then I saw my last update was in January. REALLY? January. I used to update my journal like once a day. SIGH. If any of y'all are on Twitter, I basically live there. Hit me up. I'm @MissMolliWrites and would love to chat.

Life... is pretty good. I'm getting ready to finish the first draft of my second book, which will be published in November, with a little luck. I'm working pretty much full time at WalMart, but pursuing some other opportunities. I really want something with more stable hours, so that's what I'm thinking I'd like to find if possible. I went to California to see Kay in April, and we're planning a fall trip for her to come here. My furbabies now include one more dog, bring it to two cats and three dogs. And I've been slowly starting to work out again. I'm not blogging or reading as much, and have been trying to get out more, spend time with friends as often as I can (it sucks being broke), and I'm planning to do the Florida thing next year with my group.

Hope everyone is splendid. <3 <3 
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So, [ profile] twirly pretty much made my day today.  We are embarking on a storyline within our writing project that should be...amazing.  I am a very happy girl today.  Well, I try to be most days, but today especially.  I adore these characters.  I adore writing with Kay!

I was so exhausted today so I spent awhile napping, and that really helped improve my mood.  I was just so drained, and tired!  I feel better now and am going to settle in soon to do some reading, then head to bed.  Tomorrow starts a new week, which should be challenging, but good hopefully. 

In other news, I haven't weighed in probably three weeks, but I'm going to weigh soon.  I've started a Goodwill pile of clothes that are actually getting too big, which makes me SUPER happy.  Hopefully I can get some new pants and shirts soon, since I'm slowly getting back into things that were too small, but once I start losing more, I will need another pair of two of dress pants for work and a few nice shirts.  YAY!


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