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So, it's been a long time. I was FaceTiming with [ profile] twirly the other night and she was like "Dude you haven't updated your LJ in forever." I still wander over here from time to time because nostalgia, but I spend most of my time on Twitter. I'm @MissMolliWrites there, and I'd love to chat with anyone who might see this.

So...2014. What a year. 2014 was WEIRD, man. I had some super amazing highs, and some really weird lows. I was in an odd headspace for a few months, and had some odd fights with a dear friend, and just didn't feel like ME. So in December, I bascially took that month off from everything and got my priorities in order and my karma right.

2014... The One Where If It Could Happen, It Did

  • I published a book in March of 2014. AS YOU TURN AWAY tried to kill me a few times during edits but it's been out in the world for a year now.

  • I published a second book in December of 2014. ONE SONG AWAY is a rom com that has a huge part of my heart. Some people like it. Some people hate it. It's all good.

  • I went back to California! Kay and I spent about a week together and fell even more in love.

  • At the end of this month, we're going to Florida together, along with a few of my best friends. My girl is coming here to TN and then we're all driving to Florida together. I can't wait! I've missed her so, and can't wait to hold her in my arms again. We've been apart for about 11 months now, and some days are hard...but we are both working toward being ready to fully be together in person.

  • I'm still at WalMart. Most weeks I work almost full time hours, with the occasional drop in hours. I'm fairly happy there. I have insurance, 401K, and it's a great atmosphere. I still want to write full time but I need to work until I can make that happen.

  • I'm working on my third book now (a companion to my first). It's ridic so far.

  • Let's see, what else... I realized that even though I'm writing what New Adult (an age range) is to me, I'm writing what most people would call adult contemporary romance, so that's an epiphany. I have plans for a fuckton of books in the next few years though so yay!

  • My family family. Mom and Kay "met" over Facetime one night and that went well, but otherwise, no change. I keep hoping, but I'm also realistic enough to realize that all I can really do is chase after my own happiness.

  • Friendship wise, 2014 was WEIRD. But taking that time in December to strengthen some friendships really helped. And others were solid throughout the year, and that was awesome.

  • TV wise, I dropped some shows I wasn't into anymore, which leaves me at about 5... Castle, OUAT, Arrow, The Flash, Supernatural, and 12 Monkeys.

  • I'm hoping to join a gym - any gym - again. I put on about 10 pounds in 2014 and it's definitely time to lose it and a bit more. I'm really enjoying eating healthier - in 2014 I tried a lot of new fruits and veggies and got over my fear of eating "odd" foods for the most part.

  • Ummm that's really it. I'm just trying to live as positively as I can, and love as much as I can. Would love to hear from anyone who feels like saying hi. <3

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I keep thinking I'll do an update here. I thought I *had.* Then I saw my last update was in January. REALLY? January. I used to update my journal like once a day. SIGH. If any of y'all are on Twitter, I basically live there. Hit me up. I'm @MissMolliWrites and would love to chat.

Life... is pretty good. I'm getting ready to finish the first draft of my second book, which will be published in November, with a little luck. I'm working pretty much full time at WalMart, but pursuing some other opportunities. I really want something with more stable hours, so that's what I'm thinking I'd like to find if possible. I went to California to see Kay in April, and we're planning a fall trip for her to come here. My furbabies now include one more dog, bring it to two cats and three dogs. And I've been slowly starting to work out again. I'm not blogging or reading as much, and have been trying to get out more, spend time with friends as often as I can (it sucks being broke), and I'm planning to do the Florida thing next year with my group.

Hope everyone is splendid. <3 <3 


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